UPCOMING- Galliagh Gallop Entry- UPDATE- 29th November 2015



Entries for the Galliagh Gallop 5K on Sunday week 29th November are coming in steadily from local Community running groups with the 200 limit for race T Shirts beginning to look under threat. Paper entry can be made at the Off the Streets Community Youth Initiative office, 131 Galliagh Park, Monday to Friday between 10am and 1pm. Alternatively online entry is possible by emailing enterthegalliaghgallop@gmail.com Send your name, gender, age on race day, club and TShirt size and then pay the £6 entry fee when you pick up your race pack on race day at St Pauls School or on Saturday 28th November between 9am and 4pm in the Galliagh Residents Centre, just below St Pauls School. The 5K has a 12 15pm start on Sunday 29th , the start line is on the Moss road beside St Pauls School with the finish on the Linear Path adjacent to Heather Road, after a circuit taking in Bracken Park, Glengalliagh Road and Lenamore. Inquiries to 02871 358048 or admin@offthestreets.net