20th December 2015- Local Runners Prominent In NW XC Open 6km

Declan Reed of promoting club City of Derry Spartans led home a record field of close to 280 finishers in testing conditions at Saturday’s annual North West cross country, as the Gransha grounds hosted a superb series of races from Primary Schools to Seniors and Masters. The defending champion took the Open 6K honours with another assured performance, ahead of Newcastle AC’s in form Seamus Lynch and Brian Campbell of Willowfield and led the red vests to a successful defence of their men’s team title from North Down and Foyle Valley.

Omagh Harrier Julie Butler took advantage of the absence of several heavy hitters to claim the Women’s individual win ahead of Newcastle duo Shalene McMurray and Joanne Mills while Jackie McMonagle in sixth spot led her City of Derry squad to the team title, just two points better than the Newcastle quartet with North Down third and Foyle Valley in fourth pace.

It was a rewarding day for the local clubs with the Spartans doing the team double and Foyle Valley grabbing enough points to maintain their strong challenge for both the Male and Female team honours in the 2015-2016 ANI XC League.

Declan Reed was well supported by 4th placer Allan Bogle, the Eglinton man also claiming his first ever M35 age group prize, come back man Greg Roberts 7th, JP Williamson 12th, teenager Fintan Stewart 15th, his first scoring race in senior competition and Emmet McGinty another man on the come back trail 18th.  That was good enough for a collective 57 points, well clear of North Down’s 91 and in third Foyle Valley on 104 points.

In the Women’s team race Jackie McMonagle led from the front her impressive 6th finish linking with the top F50 Hannah Shields 10th, another doughty F50 Anne Paul 11th and teenager Amy Jackson back from her USA university base in 14th, for 41 points. That narrowly  took the team title from Newcastle on 43 , North Down on 72 in third and the Foyle Valley quartet of Martina McMullan 8th, Gemma McGinty 19th, lisa McGuigan 31st and Annalisa Mullan 34th, combining for 92 points and fourth team.

Other local age group winners were M45 Dermot McElhinney an excellent 19th overall, M70 Gerry Lynch, F55 Catherine Moran and F65 Roisin Lynch.



Record numbers, top quality competition on a testing course and big individual and team wins for local runners, that was the story from Saturday’s big North West cross country meeting in a muddy but surprisingly warm Gransha.

In the featured Open 6K race promoting club City of Derry Spartans won both the Male and Female team awards with star man Declan Reed an impressive individual men’s race winner, Omagh Harrier Julie Butler took the women’s win and Foyle Valley did enough to maintain their strong challenges for the 2015-16 ANI XC League titles.

Close to 30 clubs from all over NI and Ulster were in action in the packed five race programme which culminated in the Open 6K which saw a record 280 starters for the three lap distance.

Foyle Valley’s Chris McGuinness was the early leader but was reeled in by the chasing pack inside the first 2K with eventual winner Declan Reed emerging from the big pack to impose his authority on the race.   With the fancied North Belfast’s Mark McKinstry dropping out after losing his shoe in a muddy section the defending champion made a vital move to go on for a seven second cushion at the finish, ahead of Newcastle’s Seamus Lynch who was going for three in a row after wins at Ballyclare and Cookstown and with Willowfields’s Brian Campbell two seconds back in third.

Another two locals were next up as former winner Allan Bogle won the battle for fourth over Scott Rankin and Springwell’s Neil Johnston claimed sixth in front of Greg Roberts who was impressive in his first competitive outing for some time.

In the team race excellent back up packing from JP Williamson 12th, teenager Fintan Stewart 15th and another come back man Emmett McGinty 18th, saw the Spartans comfortably retain the team kudos on 57 points with North Down surprising Foyle Valley to take the runners up spot, 91 points to 104 points. The Valley scorers were Rankin 5th, Chris McGuinness 9th, Pius McIntyre 10th, Roy McGilloway 20yh, Martin Gallagher 22nd and Stephen Connor 38th.


The top three in the Women’s race were Julie Butler of Omagh Harriers who had six seconds to spare over Newcastle’s Shalene McMurray with another Newcastle runner Joanne Mills a further six seconds in arrears. Team wise however it was the female Spartans who shrugged off the absence of both Aileen Reid and Catherine Whoriskey, and led superbly by sixth placer Jackie McMonagle packed brilliantly to pip the Newcastle quartet by just two points, 41 to 43!

Step forward a pair of talented F50′s Hannah Shields 10th and Anne Paul 11th and teenager Amy Jackson 14th, who grafted hard for the red vests narrow victory. Newcastle had their top three finishers, second, third and 12th but had to go back to 26th for their final scorer! North Down on 72 points took third with the Martina McMullan led Foyle Valley squad fourth. Martina went well for 8th, and had Gemma McGinty 19th, Lisa McGuigan 31st and Annalisa Mullan 34th complete the scorers.

Allan Bogle lifted his first ever M35 prize, Dermot McElhinney had a top 20 finish for the leading M45, and Gerry Lynch was the top M70. Hannah Shields was the top F50, Catherine Moran top F55 and Roisin Lynch the leading F65, well done all!

Despite not topping the team races both  Foyle Valley squads did enough to keep their interest in both the Male and Female ANI XC League very much alive. The men took second place in the League four to score format and look to have extended their lead at the top as the competition takes a holiday break and the Female squad may have moved ahead of Acorns although the County Derry/Tyrone club look to have maxed their participation points on Saturday. Updated Official League standings will reveal all!



Local and visiting runners turned out in numbers for the under age races at Saturday’s NWXC meeting in Gransha and the four separate races set the stage perfectly for the feature Open 6K which concluded the action.

Locals were prominent in the Primary Schools race with the first boy and girl to finish, Oisin Colhoun, City of Derry Spartans and Ciara Doherty, Olympian, having already made their mark in the Flavahans Primary Schools local league races. Finn O’Neill and Michael Houston completed the first three in the Boys race.

The visiting Oisin Cassidy from St Michaels Enniskillen was first to cross the line in the U13 race and was chased home by the top girl Cara Laverty of the Spartans with Olympian’s Bobby Doherty in fourth place.

At U15 level the leading locals were Oran Gartland of Foyle Valley, in third place and Aela Stewart of City of Derry was second girl behind Herimione Skuce of Springwell.

Two Spartans Sean Melarkey and Caoimhe Walsh took respective third place finishes in the U17 race.

19th December 2015- North West XC Open Finishers List

1. 1574 Reed Declan m SM CoD Spartans 18:59
2. 1636 Lynch Seamus m SM Newcastle 19:06
3. 1719 Camplbell Brian m SM Willowfield Harriers 19:08
4. 1691 Bogle Allan m M35 CoD Spartans 19:12
5. 1035 Rankin Scott m SM Foyle Valley 19:15
6. 1683 Johnston Neil m SM Springwell 19:28
7. 1000 Roberts Greg m SM CoD Spartans 19:32
8. 1649 McMeechan Craig m SM North Down 19:36
9. 1606 McGuinness Chris m M35 Foyle Valley 19:41
10. 1708 McIntyre Pius m SM Foyle Valley 19:53
11. 1671 Dyer Michael m SM North Down 19:57
12. 1670 Williamson J.P m SM CoD Spartans 19:57
13. 1607 Budde James m SM North Down 20:03
14. 1267 Crawley Michael m SM U/A 20:05
15. 1553 Stewart Fintan m SM CoD Spartans 20:11
16. 1608 Patterson Mark m SM North Down 20:16
17. 1715 Wylie Stephen m SM North Down 20:19
18. 1612 McGinty Emmett m SM CoD Spartans 20:22
19. 1544 McElhinney Dermot m M45 CoD Spartans 20:27
20. 1709 McGilloway Roy m SM Foyle Valley 20:29
21. 1620 McNeilly David m M35 Newcastle 20:35
22. 1548 Gallagher Martin m SM Foyle Valley 20:36
23. 1679 Lyons Gareth m M35 Ballydrain 20:37
24. 1602 Logan Noel m SM CoD Spartans 20:42
25. 1641 Melviue Martin m SM Newcastle 20:44
26. 1713 Scott Dennis m SM North Down 20:47
27. 1578 Glass Bliadhan m SM Acorns 20:50
28. 1633 Carlin Paul m SM Newcastle 20:50
29. 1650 Collins Ciaran m SM Carmen Runners 20:53
30. 1623 Marsh Francis m M50 North Down 20:54
31. 1654 McDAid Francis m SM Acorns 20:56
32. 1564 Lynam Domhnall m SM St Michaels 20:59
33. 1727 McKee Johnathan m SM Springwell 21:00
34. 1077 Toner Ivan m M35 L’kenny AC 21:02
35. 1556 Loughrey Pat m SM Inishowen AC 21:06
36. 1673 Dinsmore Luke m SM Springwell 21:07
37. 1705 McAlary Stephan m SM Springwell 21:12
38. 1733 Connor Stephen m SM Foyle Valley 21:13
39. 1162 McCafferty Paul m M45 CoD Spartans 21:16
40. 1038 Lenehan John m SM CoD Spartans 21:17
41. 1655 McVey Martin m SM Acorns 21:18
42. 1681 mcPeake Christopher m SM CoD Spartans 21:18
43. 1668 Canning Johnathan m SM Foyle Valley 21:25
44. 1669 Donnelly Brendan m SM Newcastle 21:32
45. 1610 Hughes Eoin m SM Acorns 21:35
46. 1611 Murphy Michael m M35 CoD Spartans 21:36
47. 1577 Long Mark m SM Foyle Valley 21:39
48. 1563 Scallion Jack m SM St Michaels 21:43
49. 1676 McDowell Connor m SM CoD Spartans 21:46
50. 1632 McNeilly Deon m M50 Newcastle 21:50
North West XC Open
Finisher List
TotalRank Bib Name Sex AG Club Time
51. 1557 Wallace Darren m M35 Foyle Valley 21:51
52. 1718 Brennan Alex m M40 Ballymena Runners 21:52
53. 1680 Murray Ryan m SM Springwell 21:53
54. 1717 Murphy Terry m M40 Foyle Valley 21:57
55. 1648 McMeechan Jamie m SM North Down 21:58
56. 1704 McCarron Luke m SM CoD Spartans 22:06
57. 1690 Cultra Michael m M35 East Down 22:08
58. 1084 Crawford Kieran m M35 L’kenny AC 22:12
59. 1621 Hamilton Darren m M40 North Down 22:17
60. 1309 Mooney Martin m SM Inishowen AC 22:19
61. 1687 Burns Paul m M40 East Down 22:21
62. 1638 Logan Diarmuid m SM Acorns 22:23
63. 1672 O’Kane Diarmuid m M40 Acorns 22:24
64. 1605 Mehany aaron m SM Acorns 22:30
65. 1674 McDevitt Connor m SM Foyle Valley 22:32
66. 1728 Butler Julie w SW Omagh Harriers 22:33
67. 1565 Morris Oisin m SM St Michaels 22:35
68. 1635 McMurray Shalene w SW Newcastle 22:39
69. 1627 Higgins patrick m SM Newcastle 22:41
70. 1645 Kelly John m M45 Newcastle 22:44
71. 1640 McCrickard P.J m M40 Newcastle 22:45
72. 1653 Mills Joanne w SW Newcastle 22:45
73. 1080 McIntyre Andrew m SM Orangegrove AC 22:47
74. 1711 Monaghan Eamonn m M50 Enniskillen R C 22:50
75. 1552 McGee Niall m M40 Inishowen AC 22:51
76. 1545 Cole Aron m M40 Foyle Valley 22:57
77. 1562 Worley Bruce m SM St Michaels 23:00
78. 1300 McCallion Tommy m M35 Rise 23:02
79. 1736 Gibson Rachel w SW North Down 23:02
80. 1702 Bradley Frankie m M35 Foyle Valley 23:03
81. 1613 Mulgrew Fergal m M40 Acorns 23:06
82. 1624 Byrne Paul m M40 Newcastle 23:07
83. 1061 Dunlop Martin m SM Olympian 23:11
84. 1703 Mcgahey Stephen m SM CoD Spartans 23:17
85. 1167 O’Doherty Gerry m M60 Springwell 23:19
86. 1701 Campbell Rodney m M40 Foyle Valley 23:20
87. 1554 Stewart Rob m M50 CoD Spartans 23:23
88. 1639 Loughran Martin m M35 Acorns 23:24
89. 1682 Melarkey Mark m M40 CoD Spartans 23:24
90. 1297 Somerville David m SM 1Zero1 athletes 23:27
91. 1164 Montgomery Robin m M45 Orangegrove AC 23:27
92. 1616 Thom Pauline w W45 Ballymena and Antrim AC 23:28
93. 1684 McMonagle Jackie w W45 CoD Spartans 23:36
94. 1580 Taylor Sam m SM Acorns 23:39
95. 1263 Kelly Nigel m SM Ballydrain 23:46
96. 1689 O’Conner Mark m M45 East Down 23:46
97. 1547 Donaghy Philip m M45 CoD Spartans 23:49
98. 1716 Deery Emmett m SM CoD Spartans 23:49
99. 1631 Strachan Alan m M45 Newcastle 23:51
100. 1166 Lilburn Peter m M60 CoD Spartans 23:52
101. 1666 Walsh Michael m M45 Enniskillen R C 23:52
102. 1630 Moore Katie w SW North Down 23:53
North West XC Open
Finisher List
TotalRank Bib Name Sex AG Club Time
103. 1747 Garrett Colin m M35 Ballydrain 23:54
104. 1634 Wilsom Robert m M55 Willowfield Harriers 23:55
105. 1720 Dunleavey Marty m M50 Foyle Valley 24:00
106. 1582 Groogan Pat m M50 Acorns 24:05
107. 1658 McMullan Martina w W45 Foyle Valley 24:07
108. 1698 Black Roly m M40 Foyle Valley 24:08
109. 1710 Monaghan Edel w SW Enniskillen R C 24:09
110. 1590 Shaw Alan m M50 Acorns 24:09
111. 1748 Stanex Raymond m M45 Ballydrain 24:10
112. 1644 Rodgers Richard m M50 Newcastle 24:12
113. 1269 Mawhinney Norman m M55 Ballydrain 24:15
114. 1696 Sheilds Hannah w W50 CoD Spartans 24:18
115. 1558 Ryan Chris m M45 Foyle Valley 24:23
116. 1299 Kelly Adrian m SM N.W.T.C 24:28
117. 1675 McGill Declan m M35 Foyle Valley 24:35
118. 1712 McGirr Martin m M35 Acorns 24:39
119. 1678 Coyle Kieran m M40 Valley Running Club 24:39
120. 1745 Moore Thomas m M40 Springwell 24:40
121. 1181 Paul Anne w W50 CoD Spartans 24:42
122. 1746 Gilmore Philip m M45 Ballydrain 24:43
123. 1551 Young Jeff m SM Valley Running Club 24:44
124. 1275 Earney Mark m M45 Ballydrain 24:48
125. 1730 Walker Colin m M40 North Down 24:51
126. 1292 McGinley Peter m SM L.A.C 24:54
127. 1628 Troeng Mari w SW Newcastle 24:59
128. 1735 Smith Joe m M40 North Belfast Harriers 25:01
129. 1667 Malone Tara w W35 Enniskillen R C 25:04
130. 1629 Jackson Amy w SW CoD Spartans 25:13
131. 1726 Rea Frank m M55 North Down 25:14
132. 1277 McIlmoyle Warren m M35 Springwell 25:20
133. 1737 Boyce Evan m M35 Ballydrain 25:20
134. 1172 McGinley Jane w W35 L’kenny AC 25:25
135. 1637 McGuckin Chalky m M35 Acorns 25:26
136. 1665 McDonnell John m M45 Enniskillen R C 25:26
137. 1742 Andrews Shane m SM Ballydrain 25:27
138. 1165 Mackey Barry m M50 L’kenny AC 25:31
139. 1549 Laverty Aoife w SW CoD Spartans 25:36
140. 1090 Coyle Paul m M35 Foyle Valley 25:42
141. 1692 McCarthy Joseph m M55 CoD Spartans 25:45
142. 1291 McDonough Valerie w W40 North Down 25:46
143. 1575 Diver Deirdre w SW L.A.C 25:48
144. 1706 McGinty Gemma w SW Foyle Valley 25:49
145. 1168 Todd Brian m M60 Orangegrove AC 25:50
146. 1722 McCarron Mark m SM Enniskillen R C 25:52
147. 1622 Neill Grainne w W50 Foyle Valley 26:02
148. 1699 Crumley Sean m M40 Foyle Valley 26:04
149. 1155 Mooney Sean m M40 Foyle Valley 26:05
150. 1173 Boyle Marie w W35 L’kenny AC 26:10
151. 1677 Conway Kevin m M40 Acorns 26:14
152. 1581 Murphy Oliver m M40 Acorns 26:17
153. 1663 Murray Shelagh w W45 CoD Spartans 26:18
154. 1169 Lynch Gerry m M70 CoD Spartans 26:22
North West XC Open
Finisher List
TotalRank Bib Name Sex AG Club Time
155. 1171 Leese Janeen w SW CoD Spartans 26:27
156. 500 Kelly Heather w W50 Ballydrain 26:30
157. 1700 Hassan Niall m M35 Acorns 26:32
158. 1120 Downey Chris m M35 Orangegrove AC 26:34
159. 1278 McIlmoyle Kerrie w W35 Springwell 26:34
160. 1274 McKibben Trisha w SW Newcastle 26:37
161. 1652 Rice Stephen m M45 Newcastle 26:37
162. 1593 McKernan Annemarie w W35 Acorns 26:38
163. 1643 Doherty Tom m M50 Foyle Valley 26:38
164. 1685 Fraser Ciara w W35 CoD Spartans 26:42
165. 1656 O’Donnell Peter m SM CoD Spartans 26:47
166. 1293 Kerr Stephen m M35 Acorns 26:48
167. 1615 Cradden Séamus m SM Foyle Valley 26:50
168. 1265 Marley Gillian w SW Milford 26:51
169. 1609 McGuinness Jim m M50 Foyle Valley 26:55
170. 1176 McKimm Julie w W40 Orangegrove AC 26:56
171. 1743 Jack Peter ‘The Man’ m M55 Springwell 26:56
172. 1270 Elliot Mark m M45 Ballydrain 27:01
173. 1295 McGuigan Lisa w W35 Foyle Valley 27:02
174. 1036 Mooney Rory m SM Foyle Valley 27:04
175. 1573 Hoey Colin m M45 Ballymena Runners 27:05
176. 1180 Canavan Brigeen w W45 CoD Spartans 27:05
177. 1567 McNeill Áine w W50 Dromore AC 27:07
178. 1642 Cairns Gary m M45 Newcastle 27:09
179. 1561 Connor Brendan m M50 CoD Spartans 27:11
180. 1721 Mullan Annalisa w W35 Foyle Valley 27:11
181. 1740 McKeag Alex m M45 Ballydrain 27:14
182. 1651 Devlin Rita w W40 Newcastle 27:21
183. 1543 Boal Francis m M65 Lagan Valley 27:24
184. 1626 Murray Christine w W45 County Antrim 27:27
185. 1264 Marley Liam m M55 Milford 27:29
186. 1093 Wagstaff Mark m M35 U/A 27:30
187. 1744 McGinley Mark m M40 Foyle Valley 27:33
188. 1583 Thom Brian m M45 Acorns 27:33
189. 1572 Seaton David m M70 North Down 27:37
190. 1559 Cutliffe Karren w W40 CoD Spartans 27:37
191. 1686 Harkin Sean m M40 Foyle Valley 27:37
192. 1739 McKeag Nicky w W40 Ballydrain 27:39
193. 1296 Coyle Lisa w SW Carmen Runners 27:39
194. 1566 Connor Claire w W50 CoD Spartans 27:45
195. 1731 McGilloway Emma w SW Foyle Valley 27:47
196. 1659 McCann Jacqueline w W35 Foyle Valley 27:49
197. 1268 Harrigan Rory m SM CoD Spartans 27:49
198. 1625 Henderson Natasha w SW County Antrim 27:50
199. 1284 Moran Catherine w W55 Foyle Valley 27:51
200. 1281 Benton Sarah w W45 North Down 27:53
201. 1247 Stewart Stephen m M45 Ballydrain 27:57
202. 1697 McGilloway Paula w W50 CoD Spartans 28:02
203. 1568 McCartan Helen w W40 Dromore AC 28:09
204. 1734 Allen Susanna w W50 Ballymena 28:12
205. 1550 Bacon Timothy m M35 Valley Running Club 28:13
206. 1714 McGarvey John m M35 North Down 28:15
North West XC Open
Finisher List
TotalRank Bib Name Sex AG Club Time
207. 1569 Mackin Mary w W60 Dromore AC 28:17
208. 499 Kelly David m M50 Ballydrain 28:18
209. 1662 Young Shauna w SW Acorns 28:19
210. 1546 Mulligan Jacqueline w W40 Acorns 28:20
211. 1288 Moran Joanne w W35 North Down 28:24
212. 1588 Sands Leanne w SW Acorns 28:24
213. 1589 Simpson Lisa w W35 Acorns 28:25
214. 1285 Moran Orla w W40 Foyle Valley 28:28
215. 1555 Boyle Ciara w SW CoD Spartans 28:31
216. 1619 Magee Declan m M45 Newcastle 28:32
217. 1177 McWilliams Emma w W40 Orangegrove AC 28:33
218. 1657 Doherty Denise w W45 Foyle Valley 28:34
219. 1576 Rice Deolad m M50 Newcastle 28:37
220. 1308 Quinn Mark m M50 U/A 28:40
221. 1723 McBride Jimmy m M60 L.A.C 28:46
222. 1282 Boyle Marion w W50 Foyle Valley 29:01
223. 1280 Knocker John m M60 Acorns 29:05
224. 1694 Bradley Jennifer w W40 Acorns 29:06
225. 1279 Hargan Rosemary w W55 Acorns 29:08
226. 1579 Hinfey Stacey w W35 Acorns 29:12
227. 1542 Byrne Bridgeen w W50 CoD Spartans 29:13
228. 1175 Flemming Lisa w W40 Orangegrove AC 29:14
229. 1286 McClintock Trisha w W40 Foyle Valley 29:16
230. 1266 Brownlee Don m M55 Acorns 29:28
231. 1584 Campbell Andy m M40 Valley Running Club 29:44
232. 1571 McFadden Miriam w W45 Foyle Valley 29:44
233. 1283 McDevitt Erin w SW CoD Spartans 29:45
234. 1707 McLaughlin Emily w SW Foyle Valley 29:51
235. 1595 Walker Wendy w W35 Acorns 29:51
236. 1646 McGillivray Keith m M40 Valley Running Club 29:58
237. 1179 Holland Jill w W45 Orangegrove AC 30:08
238. 1560 Lynch Roisin w W65 CoD Spartans 30:29
239. 1078 Liddy Ciaran m M35 L’kenny AC 30:31
240. 1594 Darragh Rhonda w W40 Acorns 30:32
241. 1178 McMahon Deborah w W40 Foyle Valley 30:34
242. 1729 Sharkey Danny m M55 L.A.C 30:37
243. 1289 Wise Helen w W35 North Down 30:39
244. 1599 Dallas Steve m SM Acorns 30:48
245. 1276 McCarthy Monica w W40 Springwell 30:51
246. 1298 Broomfield Martin m M45 Valley Running Club 31:05
247. 1693 Mullan Monica w W50 Acorns 31:11
248. 1732 Doherty patsy m M50 Foyle Valley 31:45
249. 1541 McCafferty Joel m SM Foyle Valley 31:53
250. 1592 Gallagher Liam m M50 Foyle Valley 32:07
251. 1294 Boyle Darren m M40 Valley Running Club 32:07
252. 1597 Wensley Wendy w W45 Acorns 32:13
253. 1724 mcToal Helen w W45 Acorns 32:16
254. 1688 Quinn Joe m M65 East Down 32:19
255. 1749 Beattie Stephen m M45 Ballydrain 32:23
256. 1591 Shaw Tanya w W45 Acorns 32:24
257. 1695 Henry Natasha w SW Acorns 32:32
258. 1614 Klldrenko Erika w W35 Acorns 32:33
North West XC Open
Finisher List
TotalRank Bib Name Sex AG Club Time
259. 1618 McFaul Mabel w W55 Ballymena Runners 32:58
260. 1617 Quinn Brigid w W70 Ballymena Runners 33:12
261. 1290 hamilton Cara w W40 North Down 33:37
262. 1741 Young Hugh m M70 Ballydrain 33:39
263. 1596 Bredisen Julie w W35 Acorns 33:40
264. 1287 McAnirn Gemma w SW North Down 33:43
265. 1604 Purvis Caoimhe w SW Acorns 33:56
266. 1598 Mullan Roisin w SW Acorns 34:02
267. 1585 Reid Helen w W35 Valley Running Club 34:11
268. 1273 Morgan Evelyn w W40 Acorns 34:21
269. 1272 Quinn Ciara w W35 Acorns 34:21
270. 1603 Semple Kate w W35 Acorns 34:31
271. 1725 Kidd Edel w W35 Acorns 35:07
272. 1660 Hargan Elaine w W35 Acorns 35:08
273. 1600 Campbell Gareth m M40 Acorns 35:22
274. 1738 Elliot Lisa w W35 Ballydrain 35:27
275. 1750 Beattie Allyson w W45 Ballydrain 36:52
276. 1586 Graham Lynn w W45 Valley Running Club 40:36
277. 1587 Cassidy Lynda w W50 Valley Running Club 40:59
Number of records: 277
North West XC Open
Finisher List

13th December 2015- Acorns AC XC in Snowy Cookstown and Tyrone Eskra 10km Road Race

Despite Saturday’s horrific weather conditions and the Glenshane Pass closure runners still managed to turn out in good numbers at both the Acorns AC cross country meeting in snowy Cookstown and also in Tyrone at the Eskra 10K road race.

Local and North West athletes were to the fore in both with podium places in Cookstown for Scott Rankin and Allan Bogle behind winner Seamus Lynch of Newcastle AC; Stephen Duncan and Anne Marie McGlynn took the Eskra honours and the Foyle Valley male and female squads consolidated their top standings in the ANI XC League with a team win and runner up spot respectively.

Newcastle’s Seamus Lynch added the Acorns individual title to his Malcolm Cup win a week earlier in Ballyclare, the snow and the big climb, no bother to the noted Mourne county mountain runner. Behind him Scott Rankin led his Foyle Valley quartet to maximum League points as Chris McGuinness 4th, Pius McIntyre 6th and Roy McGilloway 17th, combined with him for a well deserved team victory ahead of Newcastle and Acorns AC.

City of Derry’s mountain specialist Allan Bogle completed the podium placers with another strong run for third and had support from Chris McPeake 8th and Gary Slevin 10th, but the Spartans failed to garner any League points with just the three runners in the field.

Young Omagh Harrier Enya Haigney was an impressive Women’s race winner ahead of the seasoned Heather Foley and Natalie Hall of Acorns and the promoting club took the top League points ahead of the Martina McMullan led Foyle Valley quartet. Martina as ever battled hard for 7th, first M40, and was backed up by Emma McGilloway 20th, Lisa McGuigan 21st and Jacqueline McCann,22nd.

City of Derry’s Anne Paul made a very welcome return to competition in an excellent 5th place and took the F50 award and showed she will be a threat at the  major Masters races in the New Year.

Meanwhile Stephen Duncan got back in the groove to win the Eskra 10K with a 32m 33s clocking, the Omagh man well clear of runner up North Down’s Stephen Wylie’s 34m 42s. Letterkenny’s Anne Marie McGlynn was third overall in a classy 35m 01s and comfortably claimed the women’s race honours , chased home by Omagh Harrier Julie Butler on 37m 57s.

2nd December 2015- Big Cross Country Weekend For Local Runners

Cross country reigns supreme this weekend with local runners set to see action in Ballyclare, Dungarvan and on home turf today Friday, its the Sports Complex grounds which will host the second round race in the Flavahan’s Primary Schools League.

Primary schools from across the Derry area will converge on what probably will be a very wet course at the Sports Complex for the 12 noon start. Around fifteen different school teams will line up with the Fun Run kicking things off at noon, followed by the Girls and then the Boys, all going over a 1200 metre course.

Round one at Thornhill College seems a long time ago now and with the dry sod and bright sunshine at the Culmore Road venue now a fading memory, it will be a different story today, the mud and puddles likely to be the abiding memories from Templemore. However the young runners seem to take it all in their stride and the usual high quality competition is certain.

The Malcolm Cup meeting will bring both City of Derry Spartans and Foyle Valley athletes to Ballyclare for the second time in four weeks, the red vests winning the McConnell Shield Men’s team race from their local rivals back in early November but the Valley boys sit at the top of the ANI XC League table and will be keen to defend that lead tomorrow.

The Valley female squad share a triple tie at the top of the Women’s table and will be looking to stay in contention with a big collective  performance tomorrow. Aileen Morrison will be in the Spartans line up, the world ranked triathlete making her season debut on the country and with the in form Catherine Whoriskey also in the red vest, much attention will focus on them. For Valley Sarah Lindsay, Martina McMullan and Gemma McGinty should anchor their team challenge.

The Women will line up alongside all the male masters from 35 plus upwards, and this will add to the quality of the 3 miler on the Ballyclare course which may well be rather more testing than back in November. Many of the top females will be capable of challenging most of the male masters but the individual winner will definitely come from the O35/ O40 males in what will be a huge field.

The featured race is the 4 mile Malcolm Cup and the Spartans took the team honours last year from their city rivals. Both clubs should have strong squads travelling with the red vests looking to retain their title and the Valley boys keen to do well with maximising the League points perhaps their emphasis.

If Scott Rankin, Chris McGuinness, Keith Shields and Pius McIntyre line up the purple vests can go well in the team stakes and the Spartans will look to Allan Bogle, Emmett McGinty, Noel logan, Michael Murphy, Kyle Doherty, Gary Slevin and Dermot McElhinney among others to make an impression. Top M45 Colin Roberts makes his first appearance of the season and hopefully well clear of his niggling injury problems will be a man to watch!


A provincial team gold medal for Fintan Stewart on Sunday at the National Uneven Age Group cross country championships in Dungarvan plus impressive podium places for Aileen Morrison and Catherine Whoriskey and the Foyle Valley men’s squad on Saturday in the Malcolm Cup cross country meeting in wet and windy Ballyclare, were the weekend athletics highlights.

In a hotly contested Boys U17 race in Dungarvan,  Fintan Stewart finished an impressive fifth, third Ulster man home behind winner Chris McMeechan ,North Down and runner up Eoin McCann, St Malachys and was a key member of the gold medal winning Ulster squad which comfortably saw off the Leinster, Munster, Connaught and Dublin squads.

The talented City of Derry Spartan compensated for his below par effort a few weeks earlier at the U18 championships in Dublin and was happy to make the top six in a high quality race. He was joined in the victorious Ulster sextet by Letterkenny’s  Donal Farren who finished a good 15th in the massive field.

In the U13 Girls race Cara Laverty led the Ulster challenge, the reigning Ulster champion finishing an excellent eight in a 151 strong field. Unfortunately her provincial team mates were too much off the pace for the front running Spartan and the “red hands ” finished out of the medals.

Both local clubs also impressed in Ballyclare on Saturday, Foyle Valley and City of Derry battling to a very close one, two in the Malcolm Cup team race, Valley’s Roy McGilloway impressed by taking the Mens U20 trophy with a fine run and in the supporting Women’s race Spartans, Aileen Morrison and Catherine Whoriskey romped home well ahead of the big field, with the in form Gerry Lynch notching up another M70 win in the Male Masters despite losing one of his shoes in the final lap.


Allan Bogle as ever was prominent in the 4 mile Malcolm Cup race and the Spartan led home the local finishers in 5th place losing out to the speedsters in the long finish straight as another hill running exponent Seamus Lynch of Newcastle took the individual victory. Scott Rankin was 6th with a strong effort and backed up by Adrian McGowan 14th, U20 winner Roy McGilloway 16th and Galliagh Gallop winner Martin Gallagher 17th, the purple vests edged out the Spartans 53 points to 54 points to relieve their city rivals of the Malcolm Cup trophy.

Chris McPeake with a steady run for 12th, Noel Logan 18th and Colin Roberts, on the comeback trail 19th, completed the scoring Spartans quartet which fell short by a single point and in an extremely tight team race, had just a single point themselves to spare over third placers North Belfast Harriers 55 points. Tight margins indeed and congratulations to the Valley boys who dug deep for the win which also consolidated their lead at the top of the ANI XC League in the process.


World ranked triathlete Aileen Morrison made her season’s debut on the country in Ballyclare and the mud, wind and rain proved no obstacle as she ran to an impressive win in the 3 mile race with her City of Derry team mate Catherine Whoriskey chasing her all the way to the finish line with yet another big run. There was only three seconds between them at the line and it was another 32 seconds back to third placer Rebecca Henderson of Dromore AC.

Pity the red vests had no other female runners as the three to score team award was obviously there for the taking , Dromore, Newcastle and Lagan Valley claiming the podium positions. Martina McMullan led the Foyle Valley squad in seventh and was and second F45 finisher with the Valley team maintaining their League challenge by looking set to pick up valuable points , the unofficial results indicating in the League format, four to score, they could be third team on the day behind Newcastle and Lagan Valley.

29th November 2015- Murray, McGlynn and Rankin Fly the Flag for NW Athletics in Seely 10km

Gary Murray and Scott Rankin kept  North West male athletes to the fore at Saturday’s Seeley 10K road race in Belfast where in damp and windy conditions they finished first and third and then saw Anne Marie McGlynn take the female race honours with a great win over an arch rival Kerry O’Flaherty.

McGlynn failed to finish last week’s National Senior Inter Clubs XC championships in Dublin and saw fourth placer O’Flaherty claim a place in the Irish squad for the upcoming European championships, but on Saturday the Letterkenny AC star posted a swift 36m 16s winning time for an eleven second cushion over the Newcastle AC runner.

Murray was a key scorer in the winning Clonliffe Harriers men’s team in Dublin and a week later produced an excellent 31m 06s clocking to see off last August’s Dessies Run winner Paddy Hamilton of Slieve Guillion runners on 31m 22s and the consistent Scott Rankin of Foyle Valley with a 31m 35s clocking for the ANI 10k championship bronze medal.

City of Derry’s Hannah Shields was the runner up in the Female O50 age group with a 41m 09s clocking behind recent NI Masters team mate Anne Terek of City of Lisburn who posted 40m 08s.

23rd November 2015- JP Williamson Wins All-American Honours in North Carolina XC

Elsewhere there was a good win for the DCTC quartet of Darragh Crossan, Matt Doherty, Connor Doherty and Cathal McLaughlin at Saturday’s North Down XC relays in Bangor and JP Williamson had a great run in Charlotte, North Carolina  at the NAIA Colleges XC National championships. Running for the Lindsey Wilson college JP finished 26th to claim a much coveted All American Honours award, by finishing inside the top thirty in a classy 8K race.

The USA domiciled Spartan became only the seventh athlete from his College to gain the award and the first since 1998 and for good measure his 25m 11s clocking on Saturday improved significantly on the 25m 23s he ran on the same course earlier this season. Hopefully he will be home for Christmas and we will see him in action next month in Gransha at the NW cross country on Saturday 19th December.

23rd November 2015- Local Runners In Medals At National XC Championships in Dublin

Waterside Half Marathon winner Mick Clohisey of Raheny was an impressive winner of the senior mens inter club National cross country championships in Santry on Sunday as a determined Foyle Valley quartet led by Scott Rankin in 36th place, dug in to lift the “C” grade team championships and in the earlier U14 Girls race, City of Derry Spartans Cara Laverty 14th and Derry City Track club’s Lily Toorish 34th, were crucial scorers as Ulster claimed team bronze in the Inter Provincial battle.

St Joseph’s PE teacher Gary Murray now running in the Clonliffe Harriers colours was the first local finisher in the senior race, his 14th place key to the Dublin club grabbing team gold by just a single point, ahead of Leevale of Cork with Raheny just a further three points away in third. Another with local connections,Kenyan Freddy Sittuk in sixth was the second Raheny scorer and Declan Reed was an excellent 20th for the Spartans, returning to Santry a week after his terrific run at the Masters International the previous Saturday.

The red vests missed out completely on team medals with their main man Connor Bradley failing to finish and despite Reed’s big run and good support from Arnie Doherty 60th and Gary Slevin 84th they were one short in the four to score team contest. However city rivals Foyle Valley stepped up to the mark with Scott Rankin leading from the front in 36th place and with gritty efforts from Pius McIntyre 74th, Adrian McGowan 92nd and Martin Gallagher 96th, the purple vests finished eight overall and were delighted to take the “C” grade team championship! Well done All!

Former European cross country champion Fionnuala McCormack nee Britton, easily won the senior womens race as the challenge from Letterkenny’s Anne Marie McGlynn and her fancied squad failed to materialise, team honours going to Leevale, DSD and Raheny in that order.

Cara Laverty was third scorer in the Girls U14 bronze medal winning Ulster squad in 14th and DCTC’s Lily Toorish’s 34th gave her the clinching sixth scorer spot as the Ulster squad did well behind strong Munster and Leinster squads. No joy for the young Spartans U14 team in the inter club contest, Aela Stewart, Grace Flynn Page and Aisling Walsh nevertheless doing well in a massive field of close to 180 runners.

Fintan Stewart went in the Boys U18 race and was disappointed with his 25th place finish after his Ulster bronze medal last month. Missing out on the gold medal winning Ulster squad’s scoring six added to his disappointment but no doubt he will bounce back.
GloHealth Even Age Juvenile XC Championships

COD Spartan Girls U14 Team at National XC Championships in Dublin


GloHealth Even Age Group XC Championships U14 Girls Team

Grace Flynn Page, Aisling Walsh, Aela Stewart and Cara Laverty

Oisin Colhoun

Oisin Colhoun Dublin XC 2015 Pic1

Picture of 10 year old City of Derry Spartans Oisin Colhoun with his All Ireland U12 cross country championships gold medal, won as a member of the victorious Ulster squad at Sunday’s National under age championships in Dublin’s Santry stadium grounds.

in his first ever race at this level Oisin impressed with a 21st place finish, in a huge field of 161 finishers, and alongside Ulster team mates from Donegal, Tyrone and Cavan contributed significantly to a magnificent Ulster team success.